Pitch Your Idea to the 88th Annual Waa-Mu Show!

This year, the structure of the writing process for Waa-Mu is undergoing some exciting changes. We are still writing a full-length book musical, but this year, we’re looking for you to help us decide what The 88th Annual Waa-Mu Show should be about! This will come in the form of a PITCHING PROCESS


Who should pitch?


Anyone can pitch a concept for this year’s Waa-Mu show! We strongly encourage you to work in groups of 2-4, although you are free to work alone if you prefer. Note that the expectation is that the group whose pitch is selected for this year’s show will become the “Writing Coordinators” for the year-long process. If not everyone on your pitch team would like to hold this responsibility, that is okay! But you should have at least 1-2 people who are interested in holding that position on your team.

The Writing Coordinators will work with the Co-Chairs to lead the artistic structure and vision of the writing room. The responsibilities include mentoring younger students, having an eye on overall structure, and developing character and plot. Writing material is a plus but not required.  (Note: This job will require a lot of hours and focus. If chosen, Writing Coordinators will not be eligible to be cast in the show.)


What should a pitch include?


We want Waa Mu to be a reflection of our community, which is why we want YOUR ideas.  However, we also want to make sure this includes representation for as many people as possible.  You must be prepared to answer all of the following questions verbally, and have them in writing, as well: 


  • What is your show about? Give us a loose plot overview. This doesn’t have to be fully fleshed out.
  • A title, or a list of possible titles
  • Is it an original show? An adaptation of something? Both are welcome! 
  • The style of show/music. We’d love to hear what existing musicals have inspired this choice
  • Why do you love this story?


  • How does your pitch reflect the diversity of our campus community and larger world?  
  • How do you plan to include as many people as possible? How do you plan to utilize the ensemble?
  • Why is your show relevant to our community today?  


  • Bring a sample song, a sample scene, or a written paragraph that details your favorite moment in the show. (Does NOT have to be a show-ready final draft)


Disclaimer: The job of a Writing Coordinator is to be the go-to person for plot and structure, not to write the entire show. If you are less secure about writing, you will have help! 


When/How will we pitch?


The first week of fall quarterthe Co-Chairs and Stephen will convene a panel of faculty mentors to hear the pitches presented. Think like a Shark Tank presentation! Come prepared to speak (enthusiastically!) about your idea and making sure you cover all the questions listed above. The panel will likely ask questions about your idea and your team. We hope to select this year’s theme by the end of that week.

Sign ups for pitch times will come out in late summer!


Why pitches this year?


We want this year to be an opportunity for students to become the creative driving force of the show! We want the show that’s picked to be a relevant, fresh story that the entire community can be passionate about. If you are someone who loves to generate stories and ideas, this is the perfect opportunity for you!


Questions? Reach out to waamushow2019@gmail.com! We can’t wait to meet with y'all!