Pitch Your Story to the 89th Annual Waa-Mu Show

How to pitch:

1) Fill out this form

2) Sign up for a pitch time.

3) Come pitch in person!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pitch?

A pitch is your proposal for a story that will be told in the 89th Annual Waa-Mu Show.

Who should pitch?

Anyone can pitch a concept for this year’s Waa-Mu Show! We encourage you to work in groups of 2-4 people, but you can work alone if you prefer. No experience is necessary.

What sort of stories are you looking for?

We are looking for a show that you are passionate about creating, and that the students and the greater Waa-Mu community can get excited about! Specifically, we are hoping to tell a meaningful story that reflects the diversity of our community and the world we live in today. Waa-Mu is typically a large-scale production, so we are looking for a show that can feature a large cast, especially one that utilizes an ensemble. While we hold certain values for this year’s production, we are open to any and all stories that you are passionate about!

What sort of stories are you NOT looking for?

For a number of years, the Waa-Mu Show has been about writers, reporters, or musicals themselves. This year, we are interested in challenging ourselves to write riveting and specific stories about people who do not write, journal, report, or perform musical theatre.

If I pitch a story, will I be leading the writing process?

We are excited to hear your ideas for the show regardless of whether you want commit to leading a full year writing process. If you are interested in leading the writing process and your pitch is chosen, you will have the option to assume the position of Writing Coordinator. If you are not interested in leading the writing process, we will find other people to take on the role of Writing Coordinators and we welcome you to continue to be involved in the process.

What is a Writing Coordinator? Do I need to have writing experience to be one?

The Writing Coordinators will work with the Co-Chairs to lead the artistic vision and structure of the writing room. The responsibilities include facilitating the writing room, developing character and plot, keeping an eye on overall structure. This position is a full-year commitment: the writing process will involve workshops in the fall, a student-run seminar in the winter, and edits throughout the rehearsal process in the spring. Because of the responsibilities involved, Writing Coordinators will not be eligible to audition for the show in the spring.

While writing experience would be helpful in this position, you do not have to be an experienced writer! The job of the Writing Coordinators is to be the go-to people for plot and structure, not to write the entire show. If you feel less secure about writing, you will have help!

What should a pitch include?

We are not expecting a fully fleshed-out plot outline in your pitch. We are interested in a seed of inspiration that will turn into a story you are passionate about telling. See the pitch form for more details.

How and when do I pitch?

Pitches will occur in two rounds. The first round will occur as an informal interview with the Co-Chairs on Thursday, May 30th or Friday, May 31st in Norris. You must fill out this form and sign up for a time to interview before your pitch. If you’re pitching with a group, only one form and one time slot is required for all members. We will reach out to you if your show is chosen for a second round of the pitching process. If these times do not work for you, please reach out to us at waamushow2020@gmail.com.